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Bear Creek Overlook

The distance is variable depending on whether you start at the valley bottom, a little bit tip the road or at the trailhead.  This map starts at a gated road adding some vertical and a fast downhill to the usual up and back to the overlook.  Starting here you can stretch the ride to 10 miles and 2900 ft of vertical.  Starting at the valley floor adds another 2 miles or so.

The trail from the trailhead is a fun moderately technical single track.  The lookout it spectacular and a great place to watch the sunset. From the trailhead it is 2 miles each way.

Unfortunately the FS is planning on closing this trail with the next travel plan since it is proposed wilderness. We will be fighting to keep this trail open.

Bear Creek Overlook

Bear Creek overlook.gpx
Lance Pysher,
Feb 15, 2012, 2:11 PM