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Big Hole Exploration

posted Jul 17, 2012, 2:35 PM by Lance Pysher   [ updated Jul 17, 2012, 2:39 PM ]
Our friends down in Salmon have been busy exploring the Big Hole and Chief Joe area. Here is what they
have to say:

We spent
a couple days riding the Chief Joe Pass area this weekend.

Friday was meant to be big mileage exploring...ended up being 6 hours of clearing.  ElkCreek Trail (#18) is clear (but for a few ATV deterrents) from the trail start up to Road #1295.  The trail is fun and gentle, intermediate level, a bit overgrown in spots of higher moisture.

Saturday saw more miles.  Hogan Creek Trail #105 is clear (not our doing).  Tough climbing, but makes a good loop w/ Elk Creek. 
The CDT (#9) from Gibbons Pass to the junction w/ Hogan Creek Trail is also clear (again not our doing).  The upper portion of Hogan Trail, from CDT one mile to Elk Cr Tr Junction, has much deadfall.  CDT to Elk is a good loop, or CDT to Hogan (especially if staying at Hogan Cabin).  The beauty of the Trail Creek area makes up for riding on the road to complete the loops.

Nee Me Poo Trail is clear of trees (work done by mysterious little non-mechanized gnomes).  This trail in itself seems silly and random and short, albeit very fun...but seen as a connector from May Creek to Trail Creek, it is a great way to avoid the highway and looping the May side w/ the Trail, Scooter, Shoofly, Elk side.

I still need to scout the CDT Stevenson Ruby potential connection.  It will be two weeks before I have time to do that.

We Salmonites are very impressed with the state of the Wise River RD trails.  We are not at all used to clear trails and good signage.  Yeah, we cleared Elk Creek, but judging by the fresh sawdust elswhere, someone was headed into Elk this week.

Also, mark your calendar.  August 12-19 is Occupy Salmon.  Random Mtn-Bikers from far and wide are convening here to ride.  This is an unorganized event.  Looks like about 20 folks plus the Salmon Crew.  A group from Alaska and a group from Moab.  The Yeti Demo guy is supposed to be here too for some R&R...we get to ride the demos...he gets to actually ride.  If you are interested in joining us let me know.  Maybe I should start Tweeting? 

This is a link to the actual ride. Batteries died on GPS. If I were to do this one again, I would go up Elk Cr, down Hogan, then CDT back to Elk and down.  Up Elk, down Hogan, then Chief Joe down Scooter would be good to...w/ all the whiney shuttle bitches waiting w/ beers at Hogan Cabin.

The maps show a trail leaving the CDT at the north point and heading along the ridge north and down to Diggins Creek, coming out behind Sula.  Know anything about that one?  Looks like some others heading up from East Fork of BRoot, Tolan Creek and Reimel Creek show trails.  Love idea of potential loops from Sula.